STEP 1st –Contact with customer

Each customer who addresses to us about their personal request, after reaching an agreement, we initiate the realisation of their request .

This phase is related to the precise definition of the product, and on whether to proceed to:

  • creation / repair of a part or
  • repair / conversion / re-construction of a machine.

STEP 2nt – Planning and Design

  • Study on the repair of any technical problem of a machine or component ,aiming at its best and smoothest  operation.
  • Planning of the constuction of a new machine, which will meet the requirements of our clients, in order to optimize their production.

In the second phase of our work we process, through the latest designing and study software, the product /component in repair or under construction . We cover the imperfections of every component , with the latest designing, programming and study software (SolidWorks)  and CNC machine tools


This whole procedure  involves the repair , conversion and construction of a single component up to the construction of a new machine, suitable to meet your needs!

 STEP 3d -Presentation of the project to the client and project completion

  • First, we perform a demonstration of the machine or the part/component, through a specialized programme to the client.
  • Consequently , we proceed to the repair / conversion / construction of the component or machine, provided that the design has been approved  by the client.