About us

In 1981 Stefanidis Machines started dealing with the construction of  machinery. The company which was originally founded started manufacturing xylotornous (wood lathe) and over the years it was expanded and dealt with the construction of all types of machinery.The company’s offices as well as the production sector are located in the industrial area of Neochoroudas, .

The company's goal is to create machinery to optimize production of various companies in various fields . We especially deal with welding and grinding machines of all kinds. Therefore,  the company  was founded, and employs experts in this field , specialized and with long experience , ensuring guaranteed results.

By 1996 the company Stafanidis Machines dealt with the construction of special woodworking machines and metal of all types.

Ten years later, in 2006, the construction of cnc machines was added to the main activities of the company, to meet the requirements and needs of its customers with regard to the speed and flexibility of the machines. These modern machinetools (cnc) are handled through a Computer, with the support of a specialized software environment.

What characterizes the Stafanidis machines is respect towards people who work for our company as well as to our customers.

Our ultimate target is the customer's satisfaction.

We have stood out in this field because of our long experience as well as dedication that is shown in our work.